Research Communication

Communicating KAUST science through illustrations,
images, websites and words
Scientific Illustrations
Prof. Yu Han: Polymer-Based Dual-Function
Templates to Fabricate Hierarchical Zeolites by Heno Hwang
Advanced Functional Materials, Mar. 2016, 12, V. 26
Prof. Boon Ooi: Surface passivation in disk-in-nanowire
light emiting diodes mitigates Shockley-Read-Hall
recombination by Ivan Gromicho Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 16658
Prof. Pierre Beaujuge: Arrays of Hollow Silica Half-Nanospheres
Via the Breath Figure Approach by Ivan Gromicho
Advanced Materials Interfaces, Jun. 2015, 9, V. 2
Prof. Arnab Pain: Genome-scale comparison of expanded
gene families of malaria parasites by Heno Hwang
International Journal of Parasitology, Sep. 2016, V.46 (11)
Prof. Pierre Beaujuge: Homo-Tandem Polymer
Solar Cells for Efficient PV-Driven Water Splitting
by Heno Hwang Advanced Materials, May 2016, 17, V.28
Our team of text specialists focuses on helping KAUST faculty members to communicate their science through polished, lucid and original language. The editors improve the grammar, word choice, sentence structure and overall coherence of journal articles and proposals. They also administer the University’s iThenticate license and offer user accounts to KAUST faculty members, research scientists, postdocs and staff as a free service.
Research Photography
Research at Comparative Genomics and Genetics Laboratory for
Computational Bioscience (CBRC) by Anastasia Khrenova
High Vacuum lines in the Surface Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory
KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC) by Anastasia Khrenova
High speed OH-PLIF system, Combustion and Laser Diagnostics
Laboratories Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC)
by Anastasia Khrenova
Researchers at Liquid Separation
Laboratory for Advanced Membranes and Porous
Materials Center (AMPMC) by Anastasia Khrenova
Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and 4D Imaging Laboratories
for KAUST Solar Center (KSC) by Anastasia Khrenova
Devices Fabrication and Characterization Laboratory
for KAUST Solar Center (KSC) by Anastasia Khrenova
10 Hz - PIV Lab and Flow visualizations Combustion and
Laser Diagnostics Laboratories for Clean Combustion
Research Center (CCRC) by Anastasia Khrenova


The editors improve the grammar, sentence structure and overall coherence of journal articles. They offer tailored text editing services to non-native and native writers of English. They work on manuscripts at any stage of the writing process, from early drafts to final versions that are close to submission, or on revisions during the review process.


We administer the University’s license for iThenticate, a web-based “professional plagiarism prevention” application that compares scholarly Publication against a massive and continuously growing database of web pages, journals, periodicals, magazines, encyclopedias and abstracts.

Scientific Illustrations

The scientific illustrators provide manuscript figures, table of contents drawings and graphical abstracts, and journal covers. Trained originally as scientists and then later as scientific illustrators, they create technical illustrations based on a strong scientific foundation. They provide traditional two-dimensional drawings as well as illustrations created in the three-dimensional space.


The research photographer uses photographic images to tell scientific stories for web communications and other purposes. In addition to providing portraits and group photos, the photographer has extensive experience photographing complex instrumentation and research specimens with a macro lens.

Web Support for Research Centers

We maintain and update the websites for all KAUST Research Centers.